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Workshop "Hidden Reality" in Porto

This video refers to the international workshop that took place in Oporto, from the 18th to the 22nd of April of 2012.
During this workdhop, participants from Romania, Portugal and Latvia had the chance to view the city through their very specific eyes and portrait according to that view.
The results of this workshop are being exhibited right now - they will be until the 31st of July of 2012, in Hard Club - Mercado Ferreira Borges.

Video by Hugo Peixoto.

Between 18 to 22 April 2012 Euroarte Association attended the International Documentary Photography workshop Hidden Reality, in Porto / Portugal, with a team of five Romanian photographers.
Through "Hidden Reality" Project, for 2 years, 3 cultural organizations from Europe organize documentary photography workshops and exhibitions with focus on social issues. The project is coordinated by Association Maquina de Somar from Portugal, in partnership with Association ReFoto from Latvia and Euroarte from Romania; the project is funded by European Commission through Lifelong Learning Program, Grundtvig Partnerships.
The project's main activities are:
• Local documentary photography workshops in Romania, Latvia and Portugal;
• International documentary photography workshops in Romania, Latvia and Portugal;
• Photography exhibitions to promote the results of documentary photography workshops held in the 3 countries;
• International exhibition of photography to present the best images created by participants throughout the project.
The project aims to show what is unknown, inaccessible to tourists.
The Romanian participants to the Workshop held in Porto/Portugal were: Teodora Maftei, Patricia Todoran, Spiridon Radu, Natalia Radu, Andrea Blaga. The trainers of the event were the Spanish photographer Julián García Garnés ( and Ana Maia ( from Portugal.
During the workshop, each participant produced a photo project that will be unveiled at the exhibition Hidden Reality in Porto.
Note: This project was funded with support from the European Commission.This communication reflects only the views of the author and the Commission is not responsible for any use of the information it contains.

Porto Workshop: More Black, Less White Oporto - Teodora Maftei - Ro

Teodora Maftei - More Black, Less White Porto - It is not a Disgrace to be Poor (Oporto mais preto, menos branco - Não é desgraça ser pobre)
Caption: This is the other side of Porto from my point of view, my first impression when I walked down the streets, when I entered the bars and felt that emptiness. I was looking for the spirit of Porto and I found more black, less white in so many quiet, lonely bars. But, despite crisis, as Amalia Rodriguez used to sing, it is not a disgrace to be poor.
Legenda: Este é o outro lado do Oporto, do meu ponto de vista, minha primeira impressão quando eu andava pelas ruas, quando entrei nos bares e senti que o vazio. Eu estava olhando para o espírito do Oporto e eu achei mais negro, menos branco em muitos tranquilos, bares solitárias. Mas, apesar da crise, como Amalia Rodriguez costumava cantar, não é desgraça ser pobre.

Porto Workshop: The Good side of Crisis - Radu Spiridon - Ro

Porto Workshop: 1 EURO - Patricia Todoran - Ro

In this project I have connected very ordinary objects with one element in the context of the crisis: the 1 euro price. This sum of money is afforded by anybody who comes or lives in Porto no matter the social scale and can be taken as a marker to compare different types of products. This can be the basis of a research of the economical situation in 2012 in Portugal. - Patricia Todoran/ Romania

Porto Workshop: A visit to the local market - Natalia Radu - Ro

Porto Workshop: Rua Dos Caldeireiros - Andrea Blaga - Ro

Rua Dos Caldeireiros is a street in Porto/ Portugal. I learned here a lot about Portugal, about the lifestyle and way of being. This street tells the story of experiencing Portugal with its typical things: wine, coffee shops, little businesses, people, warmth and open heartedness. (Andrea Blaga/ RO)

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Hidden Reality - International Workshop in Porto

From the 18th to the 22nd of April 2012 took place the Documental Photography International Workshop "Hidden Reality". Máquina de Somar's partners ReFoto and EuroArte have been present with 5 participants/photographers each.
This workshop was directed by Ana Maia and Julián Garnés García and focused on the theme "Crisis in Oporto".

The group was hosted in Oporto Poets Privates, in the heart of the city. The objective of this workshop was that each participant would find a subject that would interest him/her and work on it.

Here are some photos of what happened in Porto:

Here are some of the photos produced during this workshop:

Carmen Vidal

Julián Garnés García

Pablo Piqueras

Kaspars Freimanis

Patricia Todoran

Teodora Maftei

José Gambín

Janis Janums

Kārlis Ustups

Vilnis Peimanis

Andris Jermuts

Natalia Radu

Andrea Blaga

Radu Spiridon

Hugo Maia

Rui Manuel Fonseca

The exhibition will take place in Hard Club, Porto, from the 3rd until the 31st of July.
Here is the poster for the exhibition:

We'll have pictures of the exhibition later on!