quarta-feira, 14 de março de 2012

Photo exhibition "Hidden Reality" in Bucharest

Euroarte Association invites you to the photo exhibition "Hidden Reality”,  at the  Bucharest Metropolitan Library ( Tache Ionescu  Street, No.4, sect.1, Bucharest); the show will be open for public  between 15 - 31 March 2012; official opening on Friday, 16 March, at 18.30!
The displayed images were selected from more extensive series of photographs taken by participants in documentary photography workshop "Hidden Reality", which was conducted in February 2012 in Bucharest.
The works belong to the photographers: Aurel Rapa, Cornelia Maria Tuglui, Diana Damalan, Livia Mihut, Madalina Gherman, Maria Nastase, Mirela Purice, Octavian Chende, Orsolya Balint, Patricia Todoran, Radu Spiridon, Rodica Chiricuta and Teodora Maftei.

“Hidden Reality” is an international 2 years documentary photography initiative, focused on identifying and creating a pool of strong images in order to present to the general public some of the new, unrevealed, interesting and intriguing aspects of the current social issues in Romania, Latvia and Portugal. The project is coordinated by Maquina de Somar Association from Portugal, in partnership with Euroarte Association from Romania and ReFoto from Latvia, being financed by European Commission through Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig Partnerships.
To view all the works resulting from the workshop and to learn more about "Hidden Reality", please visit the project blog: http://www.hiddenrealityproject.blogspot.com/.

Note: This project was funded by the European Commission. This communication reflects only the views of the author and the Commission is not responsible for any use of the information it contains.

terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012

"One day at the monastery" by Livia Mihut / Ro

Near, however quite away from the madding crowd, neigbouring Timisoara, there is a monastery, a place where life unwinds smoothly to different rules. Time holds an unordinary logic as it is continuous, lived in humility, silence, work and p...rayer. I had left behind a noisy, agitated and mad world and stayed at the monastery for one day. It was a dissimilar day to the usual days in my life, a day which at first challenged me to learn to be quiet and listen more….a prayer, a thought, divinity...


"The unseen life of an Orthodox Priest" by Aurel Rapa / Ro

The project (part of a wider photographic series concerning all religions) follows the life of an orthodox priest in all 3 aspects: community (church), family and philantropic actions. This focuses on the unseen and unknown aspects, showing the face and daily life of the person that is the priest, more than what is seen to the eye of the faithful.





"SMURD" by Lucian Calugarescu / Ro

Not so long ago many people where acclaiming SMURD in University Square at the manifestations of austerity.

Some people praise them for their dedication and what they do. They bring peace and tranquility among us and are an important tool for the Romanian state although they are a non-governmental foundation.

Their service is not easy, they always land in intense situations where people have little calm and they must act in any mission with the greatest caution and efficiency.
Any designated military detachment may wear Firefighters September 13 SMURD uniform, but many do not, many fear the consequences of what can happen in any mission and the tremendous effort put in every day, team SMURD is the most requested unit.

Photo documentary will highlight six soldiers who commit serving the lives of people from Bucharest.
Sorin Anton - Sergeant major, Cristea Ionut - Sergeant Major, Tudorace Costel - Sergeant, George Robert - Servant, Codagiu Florin - Sergeant Major, Gaciu Paul - Sergeant.